Athleisure Is Music’s Newest Tour Merch

KISS, licensing, epic rightsLeggings, the elastic waist and spandex-centric pants. All were once relegated to the gym, yoga studio or spin class, but have stretched to encompass a whole new audience: concert goers.

Bands and artists like Phantogram, Linkin Park, Zedd, Slayer, AC/DC and KISS have begun selling leggings at their shows and on their websites. Licensing merchandising companies like Epic Rights and Araca Group work with their clients to create special patterns, delving deeper into design.

“Nobody is going to wear t-shirt design on legging,” Lisa Streff, EVP of Global Licensing for Epic Rights told Billboard. “We need a smart design that feels sporty and fashionable and pulls artistic qualities out of the assets.”

Streff calls the inclusion of leggings “a natural extension” for bands and notes that all of her core artists have athleisure or legging deals. “There is that whole weekend women are just wearing leggings,” she adds, “why shouldn’t they be from our apparel partners?”

Overall global sales of licensed products for fashion (the category that includes active wear and athleisure) was $31.1 billion in 2016, according to the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association.

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